Audubon's Beavers
At Boston Light, Lantern Room
Eric in 1991 - Hurricane Bob in Falmouth
Jennie McLauthlen Award
Signing Brilliant Beacons, Falmouth
With former CEO Land's End
Lighthouse by Lily Dolin
Captain Jack and me
The dog did eat the book!!
With Anthony Everett of Chronicle
Halloween-I am an author!!
Teddy Roosevelt, my favorite pres.
Eric in front of Wicked Good Books
I wrote foreword for Screenplay
Text for Revenant Screenplay Intro
Beaver Skull -- look at those teeth!
The Sea Gunner, 1691
Eric in his home office
Hanging out across from the Louvre
Concordia outward bound (NBWM)
Wampum Belt
Hagrid at Harry Potter World
Sign on Fishers Island Store
Ice Beard, by Tom Gill
Map New England/New Amsterdam1650
At Larchmont Yacht Club
South Sea Sperm Fishery (MBWM)
Soapine (NBWM)
Lighthouse Digest Ad for BB
Albino Sperm Whale (Flip Nicklin)
William Kidd the Pirate
Blackbeard 1736
Ipswich River Blue Heron
Tulip Staircase, Greenwich, England
With author James L. Nelson
A Rose in Marblehead
Spanish Doubloon
Signing Fur, Fortune, and Empire
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