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Eric Jay Dolin The Duck Stamp Story

The Duck Stamp Story



(Krause Publications, 206 pp., 300 illus., 2000, ISBN: 0873418158, $49.95)


The Federal Duck Stamp Program has likely exceeded even the wildest expectations of those who fought so hard in the 1920s and early 1930s to create it. Not only have duck stamps raised hundreds of millions of dollars to benefit wildlife across the country, but the stamps, and the artwork from which they are created, cross the boundaries between philatelics, artistry and investment-grade collectibles. This book captures the history and dedication that drove conservation pioneers to find a way to raise money so desperately needed to protect the migratory waterfowl of North America. The Duck Stamp Story also provides a detailed look at duck stamp collecting and the artwork that is the foundation for the program.

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