Very Early Blurbs for A Furious Sky (more to come by the publication date--June 9, 2020)


"The big blows of centuries far and near have long deserved our attention and never more than today. As Eric Jay Dolin reminds us, hurricanes have been pivot points in the course of human history. Now, they are catapulting us toward our future, underscoring the compelling nature of A Furious Sky, which in rigor and scope is as formidable as the weather outside."—Jack Davis, Pulitzer-Prize winning author of The Gulf

"This is a compelling fact and anecdote-filled story of the most dramatic storms to have stunned and sometimes fractured America's coastal communities. But it also a riveting foretelling of our future as the most destructive hurricanes in the past five centuries become commonplace. A Furious Sky joins that short list of books that are both must-reads and armchair page-turners."—Tom Clavin, author of Dodge City

"You can’t really understand hurricanes without knowing their history. Eric Jay Dolin brings America’s great hurricanes alive with rich stories about the storms and the people whose lives they changed forever. Understanding our hurricane history gives hurricane science depth and meaning. This is a hurricane book for everyone."—Bryan Norcross, Meteorologist and Hurricane Specialist, WPLG-TV Miami, and author, My Hurricane Andrew Story

"A Furious Sky is an epic narrative of the most significant hurricanes that have affected the United States. It is a fascinating book that weaves together history, science, policy, political fallout, and the inevitable human drama of hurricanes. Gripping and entertaining, A Furious Sky is a worthy addition to the literature on these great storms."—Lourdes B. Aviles, Professor of Meteorology at Plymouth State University, Chair of the American Meteorological Society History Committee, and author of Taken by Storm, 1938

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